Flourish with Music


Flourish with Music is an Innovative and Combined Program,
inspired by the field research in Positive Psychology, University of Pennsylvania.

We have all experienced the impact that music can have on us. Maybe a song brought you to tears or left you feeling inspired. Listening to music with friends brings us a sense of togetherness and connection. Singing in the car brings laughter, joy, or maybe even an ‘emotional release.’ Music is a language, it is a tool, and it is a medium through which we can create desired change in our lives. Music is the rich soil, where our personal growth is not only nurtured, but we are given the opportunity to FLOURISH!


Through Superba Vox’s Flourish with Music program you will learn about the benefits and impacts of music, as well as how music can be utilized and incorporated into your life to help you flourish, grow, and reach your goals! You will have the opportunity to actively engage in musical classes and activities that support your individualized goals.

Flourish with Music is an individualized, person-centered program, and appropriate for various ages, skill-levels, goals, and abilities.
Benefits served through the program include, but are not limited to: 

Foster your creativity, Improve self-confidence, Create positive social connection, Foster emotional expression, Improve cognitive skills & abilities, Improve ability to be present, Enhance self-awareness, Enhance neuroplasticity, Build Mindfulness Skills, Improve self-esteem & efficacy, Improve emotional regulation, Enhance overall intelligence.

Music & Psychology

Educational & interactive classes, helping you understand the connection between music, psychology, and wellness 

●     60-minute live, group webinar courses

●     Facilitated by an experienced mental health professional

●     Topics include: Music’s impact on our bodies, brains and emotions; Music’s ability to express & heal our emotions; Music & creativity; Music & self-confidence; Fostering self-discovery and enhancing self-awareness through music; How music is used to soothe stress and anxiety, and much more!

Music Therapy

Engaging classes where musical interventions are utilized to help you reach your wellness goals and achieve new heights.

●     60-minute virtual sessions

●     Personalizes sessions with board certified music therapists

● Music therapy sessions may include: Person-centered assessment, with goal-development and plan; Active & passive music activities; Instrument playing; Songwriting; Music-Listening; “Hands on” virtual and instrumental activities, Physical activities and movement, and much more!

Music Lessons

One-on-one interactive music lessons with an experienced music teacher, using an instrument of your choice (Voice, Piano/Keyboard, Guitar, Songwriting, etc.)

●     60-minute private virtual sessions

●     All Superba Vox teachers are experienced, qualified music-educator professionals

●     Lesson options include: Singing/ Voice, Guitar, Piano or Songwriting

●     Sessions may include: Introduction to musical concepts, music notation, appreciation, performance, and customized learning based on personalized musical interests



Shine, flourish, and radiate! A personalized plan that will help you reach your greatest potential.

⦿ 1 Educational Webinar with Stephanie H.
Group webinar (60m) Flourish Workshop 

⦿ 3 Music Theraphy Sessions with a Live Top Music Therapist (60m each, choice of Voice, Piano, or Guitar)

⦿ 3 Music Lessons with a Live Top Music Coach (60m each, choice of Voice, Piano, or Guitar)

VALUE $3,500.00

Launch Offer $3,350.00
Limited Time


Stephanie H.


Vivian G.

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