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1. How do Online Lessons work?

We connect with you on Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Google Duo, or Google Meet. YOU can choose your favorite App.

2. Are Online Lessons worse than in-person lessons?

Nope. The teacher determines the quality of your lesson, independently from the distribution mean. Our Top Quality teachers are carefully selected, with impressive academics and professional background. They SPECIALIZE in online lessons, so they know how to deliver 100% result at all times.

3. What if it's not a good fit?

We give you a first FREE lesson, so you can get to know the teacher and understand if our online platform works well for you. We have multiple teachers, so if you don't like your trial, you can get back to us with honest feedback and we will give you another chance until you get your best fit and are fully satisfied with your teacher.

4. What if my Wi-Fi doesn’t work?

Your teacher will help you trouble-shooting any technical situation, so you can continue the lesson. Worst case scenario, we will reschedule and you can keep the credit as far as you book within a week.

5. What if I need to cancel?

We tend not to cancel, as your appointment is linked to a monetary transaction. However, we are flexible and we certainly can reschedule to accommodate your needs. Best way is to reschedule WITHIN A WEEK, so you don't lose your pre-paid credit. Your teacher will help you manage case by case.

6. This is my background, level, experience, age: are you the right fit for me?

Yes, we work we all ages, all background, all styles. We serve beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels. Our experience allow us to teach ANYONE. We love to help, we personalize your lesson to your specific needs. It's NEVER to late to educate yourself, become a better person, and follow your passion!

7. What do I need to prepare/buy for my first lesson?

Nothing. Your teacher will first assess your needs and your goals and then, he or she will address on what will be needed, eventually. Most times, we tend to provide the necessary material, books, lectures, etc.

I.e., If you need to buy a musical instrument - you teacher can help you select the best option, based on your goals and your budget.

8. Can I book now for a lesson in a few weeks?:

Yes, however your teacher might contact you to set up alternative times or reschedules based on his/her calendar availability.

9. Do I choose the teacher or do You do it for me?

Either way, as you prefer. You have plenty of elements to choose your teacher, based on their profile at the ABOUT US page and their demonstrative videos at the specific academy page. Or you can ask us, if you are not sure. Tell us more about your goals and we will match you with the best fit for YOU!

10. Is the payment weekly or monthly?

As you prefer! All lessons are pre-paid, so you must pay in advance to make a reservation in our calendar and secure your spot. Once you know how many lessons you want, we can set up weekly payments, or monthly or you can buy packages of 10 or 20 lessons. The more you buy, the more you save! Check our Pricing page for more information.


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No Hidden Fees

No hidden fees is required at SUPERBA VOX Online Academy. You only pay for the lessons you attend in observance and respect of our Policy, and Terms & Conditions of Service.

A weekly recurring payment is possible to set up through our digital scheduling system. Save your credit card on file and attend regularly once a week. So you don't have to worry about booking your next lesson. We are glad to help!
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Safe, Pre-Paid Lessons

Through our digital scheduling system, you can safely pre-pay your lessons with a credit card and save it on file for the next transaction. We also accept payments through PayPal or we can send you a digital invoices by email. All card payments are securely encrypted from end to end.

If you are on a weekly recurring plan, we will automatically charge you weekly and you will get our convenient rate of $1/minute. Our Weekly Recurring Schedule makes booking an easier and leaner process for all.

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Flexible Schedule

How many lessons should you book and how often? It depends on your goals, motivation, and budget. For beginners or little children we recommend starting with a 30m lesson and expanding under your teacher's recommendation.
If you are eager to learn more and quickly, you may book a longer lesson of 45m or 1h.
For students with ambition or professional goals, we recommend 2 or 3 lessons a week. You can also study with more than one teacher! All options are available for your needs at Superba Vox.
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Possible Packages

Online Lessons matter, seriously. If you truly mean to learn, you can imagine it will take time, regular practice, and a commitment to multiple lessons. Superba Vox makes it easy by offering Special All Inclusive offers, or Monthly membership, or other customized plans.
If you want to learn more about our offers please check our PRICING page. Our different solutions make the lessons easy to manage for everyone!
A multiple-lessons package is convenient, easier to manage, and keeps you focused, efficient, and motivated on a long-term basis. Our staff will help you booking, so you don't have to do it all the times.
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One to One Private Lessons

There is nothing like personalized education! With our online lessons, you get a one-to-one professional coach at your disposal for any content that you are curious to learn. You can ask specific questions and get answers right away! You can decide what to study and what not to.
For example, reading music notation or specifics of phonetics are optional. Our teachers will be pleased to teach you them if that's what you want, but it is not mandatory and, instead, if you are not interested you simply won't do it.
One of our top values is that you are fully satisfied with your music lessons, so you can choose your timing, your topics, your genres, and your teacher will support YOU in YOUR unique learning path.
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Choose your Video App

For your video lesson, we usually offer Zoom, Skype, Google Duo, Google Meet, or FaceTime. You can choose the App that you already know, or that you are more comfortable with. We recommend FaceTime as it has the best audio quality for your teacher to hear subtle sound/timber/pitch changes. However, other Apps may also be available, such as WhatsApp or Google Meet. Just talk to us and we will try to accommodate your favorite App.
In general, no mic is required on your side. For voice lessons, we recommend the use of multiple devices during lessons (smart-phone, computer, and/or tablet) so you can both play music, sing, and record yourself while you are connected with your teacher.
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Book an Appointment

Booking an appointment is a fully online very easy process. You can find instructions on our page "How To Book" and we are also always available to help you finalize an appointment. You can contact us by text message anytime and we will assist you every step of the way. Once you booked, our digital scheduling system will send you text SMS and email reminders when your appointment is approaching, so you won't forget it.Also, if you are on a weekly recurring plan, we will be able to book for you weekly, as far as you save your credit card on file. Don't worry, your card is only charged after your verbal confirmation and permission.
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Enjoy your Lesson

We recommend you not to be shy! There is nothing to worry about! Your teacher is there to help you and make you grow. At SUPERBA VOX there is no shame for mistakes or wrong doing! On the contrary, any error is a wonderful opportunity for improvement, so go ahead and enjoy your lesson fully! Also, feel free to share with your teacher what is wrong with you on a given day. If you are sad, tired, or upset, we will help you not only to learn your topic but also to feel better during the lesson. After all, learning is therapeutic! Don't forget to relax as we intend learning to be interesting and fun!
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Give us Feedback

We love to hear how your lessons are going! If there are any issues, just contact us at any time and we will do our best the resolve your problem. Our goal is for you to be fully satisfied, so we will do anything in our power to make sure that you are having the best experience possible with your music lessons. We do listen and we do appreciate our customer's contribution!Also, we offer you the 100% Satisfaction Refund, if anything goes wrong, no need to get upset, you will have your money back! We are here to serve you and make you happy at all times.Please, be kind in all interactions. No problem, Acuna Matata. 😊
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Leave a Review

We are rated full 5-STARS on several websites on which we cooperate. We aim to maintain this Excellent Rating and our Outstanding Standard. For us is truly important that our students perceive they are IN THE BEST POSSIBLE HANDS. There is a lot of competition online and in real life, especially during these hard times, but we are sure that you won't be able to find a service as great as ours! We strive every day to give you the best and we are very proud of our achievements. Our students win auditions, get the roles in important performances, pass levels at the Voice, win awards, and prizes in national and international competitions. Or simply, they make a difference, daily, with their jobs, family and friends! Welcome to our 5-STARS team!
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Consult Our Offers

Make sure to check the "Our Pricing" page, so you will always be updated about new initiatives, sales, and offers. It is not easy to be competitive nowadays, however, at SUPERBA VOX we try to sell you great value, high-quality lessons and therefore, there are solid contents behind the price you pay. As far as we feel our work is appreciated, we are willing to make exceptions for special cases. For example, we have a COVID-discount ongoing and we do make temporary exceptions on a case-to-case basis.Among our best offers, check out the "10-lessons package", the "tell-a-fried" reward, the "siblings discount," the "senior discounts," and much more on "Our Pricing" page
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Tell a Friend

Often students express so much joy and satisfaction in their online reviews that they wish they could do even more to help, for how happy they are with their lessons. Well, it is possible to show appreciation by tipping your teacher, just say so, anytime when you book. Or you can make a donations to the SUPERBA VOX Online Academy and help the schools grow in developing new artistic programs.Also, you help us thrive when you Tell your friends about your amazing teacher and when you recommend us to someone in your circle. We appreciate any help you can give and we offer a $5 discount on your next lesson when someone you know enrolls with us! Thank you!



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Make A Payment

Save your credit card on file as this will make it easier to book again. This is totally safe. Payment is pre-paid but totally refundable if you don't like it.
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Check your text messages and emails for appointment confirmations.