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Frequently Asked Questions

How do online singing lessons function?

Engage in live Zoom lessons for a real-time learning experience, with alternative platforms available upon request.

Can anyone regardless of skill or age enroll?

Suitable for all skill levels and ages, with personalized lessons for each student.

What do I need for my first lesson?

Arrive with enthusiasm; materials and instruments recommendations follow.

Are online lessons as beneficial as face-to-face?

Yes, they match the effectiveness of in-person lessons, thanks to our skilled teachers.

What if the instructor doesn't suit me?

Meet your coach during your free trial lesson. If it's not a fit, let us know and we will give you another free trial with a different coach.

What if I am scared or shy to sing in front of my coach?

If you're scared or shy of singing in front of your coach, remember that they're here to support you, not judge. Sharing your feelings with them can help create a more comfortable environment for your growth.

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