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Welcome to the Superba Vox, virtual wellness hub! We know that the going can get tough sometimes and taking care of yourself might take a backseat. With our virtual meditation and mindfulness lessons, online life coaching, online mental health coaching, and online yoga classes, putting yourself first is easier than ever! So whether you are looking for a healthy outlet to deal with your daily stresses, or you are simply looking for a tool to help you in your wellness journey, Superba Vox has you covered! Take a look at all the virtual learning options available to you in the list below and embark on the journey of learning a new skill!


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Kimberly R.

Body Image, Health and Wellness Coaching, Mindset Coaching, Psychology

Hi I’m Kimberly, a practicing health and wellness coach with 3 years of experience. I have a Bachelor’s of Arts in Criminal Justice and a minor in Psychology, with a certificate in Mindfulness. I am devoted to helping students with bettering their relationship with food and healing the way that they perceive themselves by incorporating mindset practices.

I am passionate about the interactions of our mind and body, and truly believe that being able to focus on changing your mentality can lead to internal and physical changes. Being able to help students find a more compassionate and understanding version of themselves is the ultimate goal and brings me so much joy — I’d love the opportunity to help you!

Beverly G.

Family Coaching, Life Coaching, Meditation & Mindfulness, Mental Health Coaching, Stress & Anxiety

Hi, my name is Beverly! I have a Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership, a Masters of Education in Organizational Management, and am currently completing a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling. I also have a certification in coaching specializing in life coaching, spiritual coaching, and family coaching. Building relationships is one of my primary strengths that I used to manage my team and create long-lasting, sustainable partnerships for the past 22 years in public education. It is my belief that education is a lifelong process that contributes to professional and personal growth and I am here to help you develop and improve your relationships with family, friends, or co-workers by coaching you through the process and providing you with the tools to help you build stronger relationships.

Morgan C.

Health & Wellness Coaching, Healthy Habits, Holistic Nutrition, Nutrition/ Meal Planning, Stress & Anxiety Relief, Weight Training/ Weight Loss, Wellness Wheel

Hello! My name is Morgan. I am a Certified Nutrition Specialist® (CNS), credentialed by the American Nutrition Association® through its Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists™. I earned my Master's of Science degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. My clinical and educational experience has been focused on a science based, client-centered approach to achieving health, with root-cause analysis at the forefront.

I recognize that nutrition is never one-size-fits all. I have a holistic health approach, that takes your unique specifications into account. I am excited to help you learn how to lower inflammation, heal your gut, regulate your blood sugar, and balance your hormones through functional nutrition! We will work as a team to help you understand how nutrition can impact your individual needs. I will continue to motivate and support you for success!


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Breana L. - Wellness Lessons

Thoughtful and compassionate coach

Mandye is a long-time friend who has helped me and given me guidance in so many ways and one of the most recent ways was a session. She is very empathetic and gave me the tools to process and be kind to myself in a difficult situation. I highly recommend her services.

Feb 5, 2021·Verified

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Pamela W. - Wellness Lessons

I have some experience with how powerful Mandy’s medicine is, so I decided to schedule a session. During the session, she picked up on some major hidden themes in my life and managed to clear some attachments that were actually manifesting as back pain. As soon as she performed the energy clearing the back pain stopped and hasn’t been back since. It was so wild! She also taught me some valuable skills for protecting myself from the energies of others. As an Empath, I find I’m constantly fluctuating between my feelings and the feelings of others. It’s exhausting. I’ve used the tricks several times since and not only am I less influenced by the feelings of others, but I feel they’re less influenced by me. Also before the session, my psychic info downloaded with a feeling of clenched muscles, like I was straining to hear the message. Now my psychic downloads are crystal clear and clean and light. I’m shook.

I can not recommend Mandye enough.

Apr 12, 2020·Verified

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Jessie Beneson. - Wellness Lesson

Wake up your Spirit with this woman!

Mandye’s intuition is matched only by her deep empathy and compassion. Her wisdom is unmatched when it comes to bringing me clarity about what actions I need to take to find my own way. I have been having coaching sessions with Mandye for four years and it is a cornerstone of my self-care. I also recently had a couple’s session with my husband and it was not only a super fun date but also a fascinating window into our relationship!

Oct 25, 2019·Verified

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M. Fuller. - Wellness Lesson

Empowering your highest good!!!

I was skeptical and a little nervous at first but Mandye’s kindness and wholehearted self came through instantly. I have been a client of Mandye’s for over 2 years now. During this time she has given me the tools to use my strengths and weaknesses for my greater good. Mandy’s insight gives me guidance to move forward in times when I'm stuck. Her sessions are always spot on. Her intuition and skill are there to benefit your highest good, this has been completely monumental in my life! Incredibly empowering for those big and little moments in life! Thank you Mandye

Mar 13, 2019·Verified

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Jennifer R. - Wellness Lesson

A woman of many gifts!

Mandye has many gifts including amazing intuition. Being on a new spiritual path and seeking new ways to connect she has thoughtfully helped guide me in the ways of nutrition, intuitive healings, and moon cycles. Her gifts and kind way have brought clarity and helped me through many life situations. I am truly grateful for her guidance and highly recommend working with Mandye!

Jan 21, 2019·Verified

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Gwen C. - Wellness Lesson


I worked with Mandye for a year coaching and it was so insightful and rich. Since getting the wisdom of what to look for on the horizon, her encouragement, and intuitive abilities I have felt so much more prepared and understanding of things that have come up in my life the last few months. I am so grateful that she is sharing her gifts with others and will definitely be using her services in the future.

Mar 25, 2018·Verified


It means you will study what you want and you will not study what you do not want. Our teachers can do it all! Their expertise and experience enable them to hear your needs, assess your level, and make a customized plan for what's best for you! You will work it out together during your First Lesson and you can update the program, from time to time. So you are always 100% satisfied!


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