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Take learning beyond the classroom with the Superba Vox tutoring academy, an online tutoring service that allows you to participate in online classes and online private tutoring lessons on a subject of your choice. The Superba Vox tutoring academy has you covered on all bases, whether you are looking for an online math tutor, virtual SAT tutoring or you’d like to explore our introductory science courses. Learning no longer has to be confined to the classroom as online lessons allow you to take control of your education. Take a look at all the virtual learning options available to you in the list below and embark on the journey of learning a new skill!


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Anatomy & Physiology | Biology & Microbiology | Chemistry & Biochemistry | Classroom Management | College Admission Counseling | Creative Writing | Criminal Justice | English & English Literature | Exam/Test Preparation - SAT, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS, GRE | Holocaust | Kinesiology | LGBTQIAPK Studies | Mathematics | Psychology | Reading & Writing | Special Education | Spelling | Statistics | Tolerance, Inclusion & Diversity | Writing Contents for Children and Teenagers

Health Impairment & Emotional Disability: ADHD, Autism, Down's Syndrome, Emotional Disorders, Intellectual/Cognitively Disabled, Learning Disabilities.

History Studies: American History, Declaration of Independence, Industrial Revolution, Pilgrimage, Political System, World History, World Wars, etc.

Mathematics: Algebra, Arithmetic, Calculus, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, etc

Science: Astronomy, Earth Science, Ecology, Environmental Science, Geology, Life Science, Physics, Renewable Energy, etc.

Social Skills: Basics of Society, Home Economics, Hygiene, Safety & Internet Safety, Interpersonal, Life Skills, etc.



Brittany H.

Exam Preparation SAT, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS, GRE English proficiency, Spelling

Hi, there! My name is Brittany. I have obtained my Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus in musical theater from Northern Kentucky University. With a challenging program, studying can become extremely overwhelming! Having my tutor to help was a life saver! That is why I have been inspired to tutor students myself. I want to provide hard-working students that extra push to keep them going. With some personal attention from a tutor, you can feel confident and prepared for any examination.

As an educator, I pride myself on my ability to maintain a personable relationship with my students, while also aiding in your journey to achieve your goals. Preparing for tests and exams together can make studying enjoyable. I am passionate about your education and I want you to succeed!


Julia G.

Reading and Writing, Writing and Editing

Hello language lover! My name is Julia and I specialize in editing and reviewing academic writing, as well as creative writing. I’ve always had a passion for creating my own stories and being able to communicate them on paper. I have reviewed papers for multiple collegiate courses and have enjoyed helping students improve their grades through writing. If you’re looking to take your writing to the next level, the time is now!

Kimberly R.

Criminal Justice

I’m Kim, I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Criminal Justice from Florida Atlantic University. My main focus was Criminology and I have a passion for Forensic Psychology but everything related to Criminal Justice is just fun to learn about! I’m so excited that you have chosen this as a major or elective! You’ll learn so much about our criminal justice system, society, and how everything around us influences our justice system. And I’m even more excited to be able to help you! This is a topic that I am passionate about and will have the best time helping you understand while being patient and understanding to your needs. I can’t wait to work with you!


Riddhi D.

Anatomy, Biology, Physiology, Psychology, English Accent Reduction to Foreign Students,

Hi! My name is Riddhi and I have a Beachelor's degree in Health Science with minor in Psychology. I graduated from Wilmington University in Delaware. Since graduating I have been working full time as a Healthcare Call Center Representative and also providing tutoring to students that need help in a broad range of science courses. These courses include Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, Ecology, Environmental Science and Psychology. I enjoy working with students and helping them improve in subjects they struggle in. The first lesson will be free and so that will give us the opprotunity to create a customized learning schedual and implement topics that students would like to focus on or need help improving in. Helping my students reach their goal is my duty and their success is my success. I am excited to help you achieve your goals in your journey with Superba Vox. I look forward to teaching you! See you in class!

Beverly G.

Classroom Management, College Admission Counseling, Reading & Writing

Hi! My name is Dr. Beverly Givens! I have a Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership, a Masters of Education in Organizational Management, and am currently completing a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling. In addition to teaching graduate students, I also teach adult learners reading and writing to prepare them for the high school equivalency exams. I am able to connect with a diverse population to help each individual meet their lifelong goals. Developing relationships with people that are open, honest, and respectful allowed me to understand how they think, have specific insights, and develop a strategy to ensure their overall academic success. It is my belief that education is a lifelong process that contributes to professional and personal growth. It is the vehicle in which individuals receive vital skills, knowledge, and tools that are necessary to build a meaningful and purpose-filled life. I am here to help you develop and improve your reading and writing skills, create an effective classroom management plan that is supported by student data, or prepare your for post-graduate education.

Krystle C.


Hello, my name is Krystle Chambers and I love being able to teach and share knowledge about American Sign Language and Deaf culture. I believe every day is an opportunity to learn and grow and I take that philosophy to heart in everything that I do. I am originally from South America, but have lived in or near the Central Valley of California for the last 18 years. I have a MA in Interpreting Studies with an emphasis in teaching from Western Oregon University and I received my undergraduate degree in Communication Disorders and Deaf Studies with an emphasis in interpreting from California State University, Fresno. I have been an ASL/English interpreter since 2012 and a professor since 2017, but have been working with the Deaf and DeafBlind communities locally and abroad, in Mexico and Peru, since 2001. I greatly enjoy being outdoors and exploring nature. I take what I learn through my travels and adventures and bring it back to the classroom to incorporate it into my lectures to provide real-world application. I look forward to meeting and working with you!

Nisan H.

Biology & Microbiology, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Mathematics

Hi! My name is Nisan Hubbard and it is nice to meet you! I received my B.S. in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from Virginia Commonwealth University, then I followed that up with receiving my PhD in Molecular Biosciences from Northwestern University. I love science, but I know how hard it could be to connect the dots at times during the scientific journey. I am here to help! Whether it is understanding the idea of “What is a cell?”, to deciphering the periodic table, to understanding evolution and natural selection, I am here to help guide you along the journey. I pride myself on providing an inclusive, active, and accommodating learning environment for both the student and the teacher with a personalized lesson plan/curriculum. Working together within this environment, we can ensure success at every measure!

Kirsten B.

Creative Writing, Reading & Writing

Hiya! I’m Kirsten Beach, an actress, singer, writer, and creative from Millers Creek, North Carolina. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Western Carolina University with a BFA in Musical Theatre, and am deeply focused on creation, collaboration, and pursuing academic passions; I hope to encourage my students to do the same! Thanks to SuperbaVox I am able to offer a wide variety of exciting learning experiences to all my students. I believe that a tailored lesson plan is the key to unlocking the passions and potential of each and every student. From my Creative Writing classes to my Voice lessons, my first priority is to cultivate students’ enjoyment and confidence in their discipline. I can’t wait to get together, set out your goals, and watch you grow and succeed!

Riley B.

English & English Literature, History Studies

Riley B. joins the Superba Vox learning academy team out of her commitment to learning and desire to empower students. As valedictorian of her high school and a Columbia University graduate, Riley is a seasoned multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and composer for screen and orchestra. She brings her knowledge in and passion for the Spanish language, music, and performing. Riley is thrilled to join Superba Vox's team devoted to promoting equity in education, encouraging artistic expression, and building community.


Star ratings

Anonymus - Chemistry Lessons

Best teacher I have had. Lecture and class work prep you for the exams well. What is

supposed to be an incredibly difficult class was clear and attainable.

Feb 23 , 2021·Verified

Star ratings

Samara I. - Tutoring Lessons

I was struggling to understand some Algebra concepts, and Adam was able to help me through FaceTime. I just got accepted to the University of Tennessee!"

Apr 14 , 2021·Verified

Star ratings

Ryan K. - Tutoring Lessons

Adam helped me turn my grades around in middle school. I went from having the worst grades in my class to being one of the best students.

Apr 21 , 2021·Verified


It means you will study what you want and you will not study what you do not want. Our teachers can do it all! Their expertise and experience enable them to hear your needs, assess your level, and make a customized plan for what's best for you! You will work it out together during your First Lesson and you can update the program, from time to time. So you are always 100% satisfied!


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