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Looking for language courses online? Say hello to the Superba Vox language academy, a one-stop-spot for the best online language courses. We offer an array of virtual learning classes to support students of all skill levels looking to learn how to speak, read and write in a new language. Our growing virtual language academy already offers a wide array of the most in-demand language courses, from online English courses to online Spanish classes and an online Arabic course. Take a look at all the virtual learning options available to you in the list below and embark on the journey of learning a new language!


Sylvia B.

Sylvia B.

Arabic to English, English to Arabic, Language Teacher & Translator

I’m genuinely in love with my profession: being a teacher is not just a job but a commitment to making the world a better place, and that’s at the core of who I am. I have a Bachelor degree in English studies, working as a certified freelance translator and interpreter from Arabic into English and vice versa, translating many types of documents such as legal, official, civil and religious. Learning is fun and I am determined for students to be engaged while we are learning! Creating stimulating lessons is my forte. My vivacious energy is directed to my passionate, alternative teaching style. When I see the excitement in students’ faces when they are engaged in learning, it pushes me to plan more effectively. I stand before my students of differing abilities & backgrounds and we meet the targeted needs of each of them. I go to great lengths to achieve great results daily.

Yonghi K.

Yonghi K.

Korean to English, English to Korean, Language Teacher & Translator

Like K-pop, K-drama, and K-food? Let’s learn Korean! Hi, my name is Yonghi Koch and I was born and raised in Seoul, Korea. I have a BA in English, plus a TESOL certificate, after finishing my Master’s Degree in Korean literature and creative writing, I realized teaching Korean is truly the meaningful mission for me. I took 4 more courses of Korean School Teacher Certification programs from The Overseas Koreans Foundation. I mostly teach Korean language, translating, editing, writing news articles and short stories.I have been a language instructor for over 15 years both online and in person. I enjoy teaching and interacting with students, classroom is the happiest place for me. I am also proud that I have the very standard Korean accent and even worked as a radio reporter for 2 years. I am looking forward to sharing my enthusiasm for you to enjoy and have fun in the process of learning this beautiful language.


Polina H.

Russian, ESL (English Second Language)

Hello, my name is Polina! I am a native speaker and a professional teacher of the Russian language.

I have a Bachelor degree in English and Philology with over 12 years of experience teaching adult and children students in a group and an individual setting. I am offering the Russian lessons for different proficiency levels from beginners to advanced learners. All my courses are customized to the students’ specific needs. My lessons are productive and focused. All the training material is presented in an interactive manner and with a student-centered approach. I will take you down a road of success at a good pace! During our first free lesson we will discuss your educational goals and we will create a personalized plan to achieve those goals in a desired timeframe.

Welcome to my classroom! Let’s begin!


Liyu H.

Chinese Mandarin to English, English to Chinese Mandarin, Language Teacher

Hi, my name is Liyu and I am a native Mandarin speaker and teacher. I have always been passionate about teaching and truly enjoy working with students. I have a BA in Art of Teaching and Political Science, and MA in Teaching and Curriculum from College of Education, Michigan State University in 2017, as well as my Standard Teaching Certificate in Chinese Mandarin k-12. In the last fourteen years, I have taught students from many different cultural backgrounds and speaking abilities. I am offering the Mandarin Chinese lessons for all proficiency levels from beginners to advanced learners. All my courses are individually tailored to support every student’s language skills and meet your personal learning goals. I am looking forward to meeting you soon and walking with you along your Mandarin learning journey!


Fabiana G.

Portuguese to English, English to Portuguese, Language Teacher

Hello, I am Fabiana, a Brazilian who loves culture and diversity. I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, now I live in the United States with my family. In addition to teaching Portuguese, I tell my students that they are going to learn a lot about Brazilian culture, because I believe part of learning a language is about understanding the culture as a whole. As Federico Felini said, "A different language is a different vision of life". I cannot wait to introduce to you that new perspective. Are you still in doubt if you should learn Portuguese? Let me reinforce this thought by bringing a quote from Nelson Mandela: "If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart". How about getting to know the Portuguese language and Brazilian culture? See you in class! Tchau, tchau.

Caroline R.

ESL (English Second Language), Norwegian to English, English to Norwegian

My name is Caroline, I am a native Norwegian and a teacher. I have worked as a teacher in Norway for two years, teaching the Norwegian language and history. I earned my Bachelor’s in education in Norway in 2016, and my Master’s in educational technology in the United States in 2021. My educational philosophy is to make learning relevant, fun, and as experience-based as possible. While studying in the US, I met many international students and I learned that talking to people from another country and culture is a great chance to learn more about the world and expand my knowledge - without having to actually go there! I am excited to teach the Norwegian language, history, and culture - to you!

Riley B.

ESL (English Second Language), Spanish to English, English to Spanish

Riley B. joins the Superba Vox learning academy team out of her commitment to learning and desire to empower students. As valedictorian of her high school and a Columbia University graduate, Riley is a seasoned multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and composer for screen and orchestra. She brings her knowledge in and passion for the Spanish language, music, and performing. Riley is thrilled to join Superba Vox's team devoted to promoting equity in education, encouraging artistic expression, and building community.

Chikako L.

Japanese to English, English to Japanese, Language Teacher & Translator

Konnichiwa!! My name is Chikako and I am a native Japanese speaker and teacher. I love teaching and sharing knowledge about the Japanese language and culture. My Japanese session covers all subjects such as speaking, grammar, listening, writing (Include kanji) and reading. I have a lot of experience teaching and I believe that covering all of these subject areas provide for a more well-rounded approach and will really improve your conversational skills.

After graduating from university in Japan, I worked for a number of Japanese and foreign-affiliated companies in Tokyo. As a Japanese native and teacher with professional work experiences in Japan, I’ve been able to develop a good understanding of types of Japanese terms that students are interested in and the terms that they need to learn to be successful. I have professional experience in multiple industries, so I can prepare you for job interviews or teach business Japanese as well. In addition to studying and working in Japan, I have also studied abroad to advance my skills in English and Korean, so I know how interesting and fun learning a foreign language is. I am looking forward to meeting and working with you!!


Star ratings

Connie B. - Korean Lessons

Yonghi, thank you so much for everything! U are an amazing teacher and I will miss u so much! I learned so much from u and my passion for learning about Korean culture and language has grown because of u. Thank u for the advice and I'll be sure to keeo in touch!

Nov 12, 2020·Verified

Star ratings

Karen J. - Korean Lessons

I honestly had a great experience with Yonghi. She answered all of my questions in detail and catered my lessons to center on what I was interested in. She was fantastic! I learned so much from her. This was absolutely amazing course! I had so much fun and learned a lot!

Oct 20, 2020·Verified

Star ratings

Cathy B. - Korean Lessons

My experience in the Korean class has been great. The lessons are clear, interesting and challenge me. My teacher Yonghi is so nice and is there for me, which I am very grateful for. I liked how flexible and open-minded Yonghi was. She was always open to suggestions and questions, and I felt like I could reach out to her easily. When I felt I could do more, I messaged her and discussed possible changes in assignments with her, and she adjusted accordingly. I really liked this part about it. She makes learning languages so much fun. I can't wait to take more classes in the future!

Sep 20, 2020·Verified

Star ratings

Anne B. - Russian lessons

I am so very happy to heartily recommend Polina and her ability as an instructor in English as a second language. When we asked her to help our newly adopted daughter from Ukraine to adapt to her English language instruction at her school, Polina faithfully spent hours each week helping Alona to understand not only the English grammar, but the content lessons she had each day. After six months of intense instruction, Alona was able to successfully navigate four years of high school and went on to win a scholarship to college. She is currently a few months away from receiving her MBA. Without Polina‘s assistance and expertise, Alona would not have achieved the success she has today.

Apr 7, 2021·Verified

Star ratings

Don M. - Russian lessons

Polina is a patient and capable tutor. We started with the alphabet and numbers and moved onto simple sentences and phrases. Her ability to switch between her native Russian and flawless English is amazing. I have been able to use what Polina taught me with a young couple, who are from Russia, and recently moved into the area and work at a local business. I look forward to more lessons with Polina and improving my use of Russian.

Apr 21, 2021·Verified

Star ratings

Bonita K.. - Arabic Lessons

Sylvia is excellent!

Apr 18, 2021·Verified


It means you will study what you want and you will not study what you do not want. Our teachers can do it all! Their expertise and experience enable them to hear your needs, assess your level, and make a customized plan for what's best for you! You will work it out together during your First Lesson and you can update the program, from time to time. So you are always 100% satisfied!


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KOREAN Teaching DEMO - Yonghi

ARABIC Teaching Demo - Sylvia


RUSSIAN Teaching Demo - Polina

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