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Want to learn a bit more about how business works? Welcome to the Superba Vox virtual business academy, a place where you can take a business course that is right for you. Business courses cover a wide array of different topics, with so many different industries and skill levels, finding the right course can feel overwhelming. That’s why, at Superba Vox we offer specialised online courses such as social media marketing courses, online marketing courses, business strategy and business planning classes, as well as public speaking lessons. Take a look at all the virtual learning options available to you in the list below and embark on the journey of learning a new skill!


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Joe K.

Business Administration, Computer & Information Technology, Robotics & Automation, CADD Drafting & Design, Logistics & Supply Chain, Purchasing, Quality Management, Organizational Leadership, Engineering and Technology, Lean & 5S, Budget Management, Business Strategy & Business Plan, Project Management, Direct Sales, Public Relations, Public Speaking, Career Coaching, Customer Service, Employee Training & Development, Human Resources, Interpersonal Communication, Interview Coaching, Microsoft Office, Motivational Interviewing, Operations Management, Motivational Speaking, Resume Writing & Editing, Time Management

In 2011, I graduated from Ashford University (UAGC) with an MA in Organizational Management with a concentration in Project Management. In 2018, followed by an MA in Teaching and Learning Technology. I worked for ITT Technical Institute for three years as an Adjunct Instructor in the Drafting & Design Program (2012-2015). I also mentored high school STEM Program students that were involved in First Robotics & BotsIQ. Throughout my professional career as a Mechanical Engineer with thirty years of manufacturing experience, I have enjoyed mentoring/coaching the next generation of manufacturing experts. I believe in the practice of servant leadership and I get the most joy from seeing others succeed. I strive to provide the best learning experience for every learner and look forward to the next learning journey. I am eager to make your learning experience with Superba Vox a memorable one.


Star ratings

Maisie L. - Marketing Lessons

Mr Philip is my favorite teacher. I took his marketing class when I was in high school and the experience with him was unforgettable. He is a knowledgable person with great teaching skills, but more than that he is a patient and kind person. I really recommend him to be your business teacher!

Jan 10, 2021·Verified

Star ratings

Maisie L. - Marketing Lessons

Mr Philip’s course inspired my studies and career path In marketing. His class perfectly combined theory and real-world application together by using the straightforward phrases to explain real-world business cases, covering the reasons behind those cases in an exciting way. It would be a good course for all, people interested in, or currently studying business but needing more guidance. An enjoyable experience to have Mr Philip as the teacher to help me have a more in-depth understanding!

Jan 10, 2021·Verified


It means you will study what you want and you will not study what you do not want. Our teachers can do it all! Their expertise and experience enable them to hear your needs, assess your level, and make a customized plan for what's best for you! You will work it out together during your First Lesson and you can update the program, from time to time. So you are always 100% satisfied!


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