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Superba Vox is a top online learning academy offering affordable, private, virtual lessons to students of any age and ability. Our teacher’s are top-of-their-field, carefully selected academics, here to help you!

music academy


The Superba Vox online ‘Music Academy’ is the go-to place for virtual music lessons of any kind; from private online singing lessons to online piano lessons and so much more. Take a look at all the learning options available to you in our virtual music academy.

Voice | Piano | Guitar | Bass | Opera | Musical Theatre ...

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wellness academy banner


The Superba Vox online ‘Wellness Academy’, is the one stop spot for virtual wellness coaching, perfect for anyone looking to heal, learn and grow. With virtual lessons on meditation, mindfulness and personal coaching, our wellness hub has you covered.

Life Coaching | Yoga | Meditation | Nutrition | Weight Loss ...

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language academy banner


The Superba Vox ‘Language Academy’ offers private language courses online for students at any level looking to learn a new language up to full proficiency, or simply polish up their language skills! Take a look at all the online language learning courses available to you!

English Accent Reduction | ESL | French | Spanish | Russian ...

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arts and craft  academy banner


Step into your creative essence at the Superba Vox online arts and crafts academy offering a curated selection of the best online art classes. So, whether you are looking to hone in on your artistic abilities or enhance your performance skills, we have you covered!

Drawing & Painting | Video Editing | Crochet | Photography ...

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 business academy banner


The Superba Vox ‘Business Academy’ provides e-learning courses that allow you to focus on the area of business which interests you most. Take a look at all the virtual learning options available to you and embark on the journey of learning a new skill!

Career Coaching | Resume Writing & Editing | Leadership | Public Speaking ...

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tutoring academy banner


The Superba Vox ‘Tutoring Academy’ provides you with high quality online tutoring services for a range of different academic subjects, skills and abilities.

Exam - Test Preparation | Math | Chemistry | Science | History ...

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