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Welcome to the Superba Vox Online Music academy

Superba Vox is an Online Music & Performing Arts academy providing accessible remote-learning live music classes led by a selection of hand-picked teachers boasting a wealth of excellent academics and professional experience. We are a private academy, providing one-on-one, exclusively online lessons, masterclasses, and full-length courses, allowing our students to get undivided attention and care from their tutor in order to support learning at every level. 

A Latin name, SUPERBA VOX means literally "Superb Voice." The word Superba has multiple meanings, including "great, fine, excellent, super, magnificent, glorious, splendid, gorgeous, divine, superlative, higher, top, above, wonderful, splendid, brilliant, proud, imposing, massive, grand, delicious, and exquisite."


Vivian G. is an Italian founder, CEO, and creative entrepreneur. A former opera singer, she founded the Superba Vox virtual Music academy out of her love for music and learning with the desire to share her knowledge and enthusiasm. As an award-winning music teacher, vocal coach, performer, and composer, Vivian believes that online education is the future. Passionate about bringing learning opportunities to all people, Vivian has been recognized with multiple awards for her work and distinguished accomplishments. She holds a bachelor degree of Music in Film Music Scoring from Madonna University, Livonia (MI) with the Highest Honors; a Master of Arts in Music from Wayne State University, Detroit (MI) with GPA 4.0, and a Certificate in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, (PA). With her uncountable international performances on multiple world-stage venues, Vivian is a citizen of the world and speaks fluently four languages: Italian, English, French, and Spanish.


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Our mission at Superba Vox is to ensure each one of our students feels valued and supported, while learning and having fun. Our teachers will tailor every course to You, to ensure you can get the most out of your music education journey.
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We believe that online education is the future and aim to provide a safe space for students of every academic level to reap the benefits and opportunities an education can provide with our goal of becoming the go-to Online Music Academy for both students and teachers.
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We understand that life gets busy, that’s why we offer flexible learning schedules and online classes, so you can learn when and where you want.
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We are passionate about diversity of opportunities, that’s why we offer online learning classes for people at every level.
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We believe that education should be affordable to all, that’s why we offer a low-cost alternative to traditional learning, without compromising on the quality of teaching.
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Our students are at the heart of what we do, that’s why we work with teachers who are passionate about providing the best learning opportunities possible to their students.



Meet Soniya, winner of the ‘Best on Our Team Award’ 2022. A gifted manager and efficient team builder, Soniya has actively helped many students stay organized and on top of their courses. Soniya is smart, supportive, and passionate about what she does. She is highly appreciated because she is far-sighted and embodies the values of the Superba Vox online learning academy. 


Congratulations Yi- winner of the ‘Best Teacher Award’ 2023!A soulful musician and a dedicated mentor. This is a well-deserved recognition of her exceptional dedication, expertise, and outstanding contribution to our academy. Yi's passion for music and teaching has consistently shone through, inspiring students of all ages and abilities. Thank You Yi, for setting a remarkable example for all of us.


Congratulations Kirsten - winner of the ‘Best Teacher Award’ 2022!A gifted musician and top educator, "Kirsten is a peach!" - to put it in words coming from her students. She is extremely talented and a pure joy to work with. Kirsten is refreshing, enthusiastic, precise, and impeccable in all her activities. She is highly trusted because she is reliable and solid, while displaying the best positive attitude. 
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Best candidates

At Superba Vox Online Academy - Real Human Resume Screening, No Robots. Remote Job: Flexible, Independent, Convenient, Reliable, with Growth over time, Recognition, and Awards. Safety, Quality, Diversity, Innovation, Effectiveness, and Values. Training available.Seeking Absolutely The BEST Candidates.
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Work with us

Interested in becoming a part of the team at Superba Vox? We would love to hear from you! As a quickly growing online music academy we are constantly looking to expand our team. Teachers at Superba Vox must be committed to providing long-term, fully remote online lessons to students. Our hiring process is extremely selective and we only hire the top 1% of candidates. 
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Candidate requirements 

Please ensure you meet the following criteria prior to applying for a teaching position. We are looking for candidates with a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in their subject area, supplemented by professional experience as an online teacher. The ideal candidate should be able to teach across multiple learning levels and be flexible as our students come from a variety of time zones. Due to the nature of the job, candidates will need to pass a background check to clear them before coming onboard.
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Diversity & Equal Employment Opportunity Disclaimer

Superba Vox is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer, with a zero tolerance policy towards discrimination. We provide equal employment opportunities to all applicants and/or contractors regardless of age, race, religion, gender, ethnicity, military and protected veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability.


To have a Superb Voice means to be able to communicate in a superlative way, in any endeavors. As educators, communication is key, as we transfer knowledge from previous generations to the future ones.

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